“The Photo project “FIRE EMBODIED” is an opportunity for the viewer to see on the photographs the process of transformation of human and fire, which turned into fiery signs and symbols. The photo reportage was made during international competitions - the historical reconstruction of the events in ancient Rus. Thanks to unique location of the architectural reconstructions of ancient Kyiv, visitors of the event were able to dive into the time when a thousand years ago Kievan Rus was the center of European civilization and had a rich culture.

Due to the artists’ skills to control the fire and mastery of the photographer, the viewer can see on photographs sculptures of people in the fire that excite the imagination and evoke positive emotions. During the transformation of man into a fiery image a new vision of the past and the future are created, and everyone finds interesting features that are close to only him/her. 

Elena Pokhodiashchaya
  • Doctor of Philosophy in History
  • Associate Professor of Art History and Examination
  • The National Academy of Culture and Arts

"The Fire is a central element and the most mystic symbol of all Four Elements, composing the universe. It is the source of warm and light for the first man, the instrument of justice in the middle age. It is naturally associated with the Sun which gives the life and can destroy, it is symbol of purification, of erotism and of sacrifice.

The Fire of the photographer VarrIng from the collection FIRE EMBODIED is not simply the image. Magic flame signs made by the masters of the fire and due to creative realization of the author symbolize the culture of Slavonic people, let the spectator create their own history, become the alive participant of the event and celebrate the victory of good over evil. That is why, magic and inimitable images of transformation of man into the god in the photography by VarrIng not only reflect the culture and the history but become the beautiful art pieces of photography, worth art-lovers collecting rare and limited photography."

Nathalie Tereshchuk-Duhautbout
  • Art PleiaDA International

"Exposition is full of light, positive and expression. Photos attract with a game of fire and emotions, of human and supernatural. The author clearly presented extraordinary form of the fire element, tamed by man. Interesting combination of darkness and light in various forms and movements, with a human in the center suggests that these two forces are working in harmony against the background of life, without prejudice to each other. Many thanks to Ihor Babii for the excellent exhibition."

Lubov Bondarchuk
  • president of French-ukrainian association «ART culture et créativité»

"Remarkable job. Passion. Admiration. All fire and flame. A big thank you."

Альбано Duteroq
  • Gallery Everarts (France)

"Congratulations for your excellent creation! I am inspired by your work! Continue! Very nice to meet you!"

Bertrand Normand
  • producer, cinematographer (France)

"Very beautiful exhibition. The mind escapes into an unreal world in which our souls meet in search of infinite happiness. Thank you. To see and review. Very nice expo. Thanks to U."

Соня Френкиель
  • Sonia Frenkiel

"Thanks for these photos, your talent is wonderful!"

Henri Lasserre
  • writer, musician and actor (France)

"Bright, picturesque, colorful, conceptually."

  • an employee of Fragonard Musée du Parfum

“We liked the photo-reportage, made by VarrIng at a strongman sports tournament “IRPIN OPEN”, where our company acted as a partner, and we were happy to buy photos from the series “Heroic strength”. 

Sergey Nagorniy
  • Business manager
  • Makhteshim-Agan Ukraine, LLC


“We were pleased to work with Ihorin in 2012, and invited him to become a supervisor of the photo exhibition “DREAMS OF CHILDREN”, which will be held in December this year“. 

Inna Silantieva
  • Project manager
  • Foundation for Support of Youth and Olympic