Collection SUPREMUS (2011- ....) - 06 / ..

Kazimir Malevich signed the way of his artistic expression into pointlessness by suprematism. He thought that it was the highest level of Art, which aims at pointlessness, which is beyond the mind, and characterlessness is of great importance there. It means the rejection of appearance expression, neither people, nor objects. Because appearance seemed to Malevich as a rough shell, solid mask, guise, which covers spirit.


Collection FRENCH CHARM #1(2012-2014) - 05/14. №1

Paris attracts by its romantic stories, world of art and fashion. This is Mecca for creative people. Splendid architecture in combination with lavishness of masterpieces in museums and diversity of galleries creates a dizzying, romantic and mysterious atmosphere for tourists from all over the world. But Paris is impossible without France.  After visiting Paris one wants to see and discover the whole France. This idea finds its reflection in my works.


Collection AGAINST ALL (2012-2014) - 04/4. №1. Name: "Life through the"

The present determines the future. Today may change tomorrow. The main thing is to act, to live in spite of everything. And impossible becomes possible. Constant dropping wears away a stone, says the proverb. Act now, and every day will bring you closer to your goal. Let your dreams come true.


Collection FIRE EMBODIED (2012) - 02/44. № 1

Photo project “FIRE EMBODIED” is a collection of photos, taken in 2012 at the Center of culture and history of Ancient Rus during international festivals: “Bylyny (epic) of Ancient Kyiv of IX-XI century “and” Guests of Ancient Kiev of the XV century”.

Since the appearance of man on earth, the fire has a mystical value. Living in Ancient Rus in the first millennium AD, the Baltic and Eastern Slavs (ancestors of Ukrainians and some European peoples) worshiped the God named Svarozich, personified in fire. For thousands years fire symbolizes good and evil at the same time


Collection STREET PHOTO#1 (2011-2014) - 03/22. № 1

"Street Photography" - this photo is taken on the street or in a public place which shows the relationships between people and the charm of the surrounding area, displays the spirit and culture of the society. Life, manifested in the original composition, the play of light and mappings, dynamics and emotions, forms a unique image, and that inspires me. Especially successful shots become beautiful works of photographic art.


Collection STRONGMAN UKRAINE (2011) - 01/11. № 1

The album includes photographs that were provided on a collective photo exhibition “The Great Power” October 14-15, 2011, held in Kyiv at the international exhibition complex “ACCO International” to social action “Personal Ukraine in the lens”.